During childhood Maria Pia Morelli used to spend hours at home enchanted to look at her mother, grandmothers and aunties committed to lovely pieces of embroidery, of crochet and in the manufacturing of clothes and trousseaus figment of their imagination, but also of the knowledge and tradition of Romagna.
To Maria Pia, the discovery of the important contents of the big trunks full of precious trousseaus which were handed down from mothers to daughters as dowry, was an adventure rich of fascination and surprise. Wonderful pieces made of plain woven and hand-embroidered fabrics.
The little girl grew up in this ambience that increased her good taste and the passion for the fashion dressmaking. The Italian brand “Agata allegra” inspires to this philosophy that reminds the values of affects, of belonging to the family, of the hours passed together with beloved people, of the satisfaction in seeing realized, thanks to one’s hands, what might have been a difficult and complex project. The universe Agata allegra is born from the passion and creativity of Maria Pia Morelli and from her working experiences in the fields of decorative arts, writing and ceramic industry developed during the years.
However to meet Bruno Benetti, a relevant entrepreneur from the Northern Eastern area with a sound reputation in business, has been the fundamental key to succeed in settling everything. He was a precursor of globalization: he has been able to bring forward the industrial and commercial opening towards new markets promoting with success the brand Made in Italy in many trades which go from logistics to environmental sustainability passing through the fascination of film production. The world of cinema with its illusions stimulated in him a deep aesthetic sensitivity that brought him to be an active interpreter in the Agata allegra brand-making.
All the items Agata allegra are produced in Italy by hand-woven materials and valuable textiles following the art of the artisanal manufacture enriched by a touch of contemporary freshness and are bound to have a positive impact on the growth and maturity of little girls’ personality from six to fourteen years old.

Agata allegra collections release the beauty of nice things made with love and good taste: timeless, unique and incomparable products as it is Italian culture from which they derive and whose pride aim to become messenger all over the world.