AGATA allegra and the boxes packed with surprises

For the past year, there was Allegra. She had entered forcefully and strongly into her life, especially into her bedroom.
They were inseparable, but let’s just say that it wasn’t “love at first sight”. In particular Agata, a cuddled eight-year-old blonde girl, bright-eyed with an upturned nose who looked at the world with the cocky attitude of an only child, had to learn fast how to share and share alike loved ones, spaces and playthings. On that very morning, under mommy and daddy’s hesitant eyes, they examined each other with curiosity, and Agata’s look of wonderment soon turned into a cheerful smile. She had a new sister that none of her friends could boast about: a slant-eyed girl with a little yellow face. She came from the Celeste Empire. You know, that place where the Great Wall of China is!
The big day had finally arrived. “Their” day!

From the book : “AGATA allegra and the boxes packed with surprises”.
Written and illustrated by: Maria Pia Morelli